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I can't say enough about the Crystal Parrot. Edna and her experienced staff make boarding my birds a breeze. The excellent care and attention they provide keep my guys happy and healthy while I'm away.

S. Hillios, Southampton, MA

I’ve done business with Crystal Parrot for over 15 years and in my experience with the store and staff, they are excellent. The store has always been very clean and no dirty odors when you walk in and the bird cages were clean. When I have had questions pertaining to the bird’s health and food, Edna the store owner and staff have always been up front and answered it to the best of their knowledge and if they didn’t know the answer they would always find it and give it to me. They also have a very good selection of toy’s, cages and stands. I’ve gotten all my birds from Crystal Parrot and have been very pleased with how well they take care of me afterwards with any issues that I have had and they really take pride in their grooming of the birds. They are very friendly and very professional and I would not go anywhere else, I have also recommended others to them and they too were pleased. Recently I have been diagnosed with a lung issue and called Edna and she gave me some suggestions on how to possibly help me retain my birds. She has been a great help and I have never found anyone that goes above and beyond the call to help their customers with any issues that they might have.

Thank You Crystal Parrot and staff

Judy, Westfield, Ma.

When I could no longer buy Zeigler parrot pellets in South Florida, I found The Crystal Parrot. My order arrives the next day & is always correct. They're terrific!

MJ Smith

Wonderful! Amazing store! The Crystal Parrot is the cleanest I have ever been in! Edna and the staff are very well knowledgeable in all facets of bird care. They have helped me on many occasions with the care of my bird! I will never go to any other store! Thank you Edna and staff for all your loving care and advice.


Edna is amazing!! I have learned so much about Birds! Edna's passion and care is beyond over the top! :)

Lisa Connor

I have been bringing my birds to Crystal Parrot for years. Not only does Edna and her staff love and care for my birds, they also have educated me regarding behavioral issues my parrot was having and always take time to speak with me. Edna is a total bird person and makes sure the bird is matched with the proper family. Not everyone should own a parrot...that type of bird is a big responsibility. Edna has guided me to keep my birds healthy. She gives me more information than my vet does. That comes from years of loving and caring for birds. I have never found the staff rude. I board my birds there a few times a year and the birds come home happy, tweeting and singing new songs.

Nina S.

Awesome build Bro keep the good work up mate. How soon before this site is ECA Friendly if you don't mind me asking? I would gladly recommend this.

Johnny V

I brought my birds to Edna to get their nails and wings done. Edna did a great job and I brought my birds home and they are doing just fine. Thanks again Edna for taking excellent care of my birds.


The staff at The Crystal Parrot are amazing! Edna is the most knowledgeable person about parrots in the region. They don't just try to sell you a bird, they make sure you know all about the birds and what they need. They want it to be a good fit and a forever home. They aren't there just to make a quick buck, they truly care about the birds they sell and that they are going to good homes that are suitable (no cockatoos that scream loudly will be going to an apartment setting from this store!) Most pet parrots are re-homed within 2 years because people who purchased them do not realize what they are in for. The staff here do their best to make sure that does NOT happen. They give great advice, have low cost vet clinics, wing/nails/beak trimming and a great supply of toys, food, and cages. If they don't have it they can order it for you. We got our Amazon parrot and our Sun Conure from this shop and they are very well adjusted and healthy birds. Most of all they truly care! We had a house fire and miraculously all our birds made it out alive from a smoke filled room. (We also have a rescue umbrella cockatoo and 10 rescue English budgies) and they boarded them for us and took excellent care of them while we found a place to live and got it ready for them to come home. They were really there for us in our time of need. I always thought it was a great store, but I had no idea what a true blessing they would be to us. Thank you so much.

Michelle Tatolli

Very good place to get things for your exotic birds. Not only for birds but dogs as well. The birds are well taken care of. I give it an A+!!!! Under new staffing go meet the new informative staff!!! Come see the wide variety of exotic birds. Over 40 years experience with exotic birds. They offer many services , including wing clipping, nail trimming , boarding and training. Come visit them at 220 college highway, Southampton ma 413-527-2550

Amanda Hernandez

I've been bringing my feather babies there for many years and I absolutely love it. Edna is so sweet to Shadow :) also I recommend yogurt bites that she sells and her homemade Birdie Brownies Shadow my GCC loves them, he cant get enough.

Briana Skelekitty Liswell

Edna! Great speaking with you tonight! Always enjoy coming to your store and hearing the happy chirping of your birds and the borders. Would not hesitate to leave my keet in your care if I were to go on vacation.. Great idea to have punch cards and after so many punches you are able to get a discount!! I have followed you from your old location to your new one!!

Karen Jasper

Thank You Edna for opening early for us and having everything I need for my parrots. I totally enjoyed our visit.

Kathy Pirece

I was hired by the Crystal Parrot to rebuild their website. My first impression of the store was quite a shock. I expected it to look like most pet places, where the floors were dirty, the place would stink like birds and the help were just standing around. But, to my surprise, the floors were immaculate and there was no one standing around. Edna the owner was talking with a customer and Terry (the manager) was cleaning the bird cages. That is when I knew that they were very special people. The cages were clean and tidy and even the bird room floor was clean and no smell. No doubt was it the cleanest place I've seen in a long time. If you are interested in owning an Exotic Bird then the Crystal Parrot is the place to go. Come check out their store to see what they have to offer. You will be glad you did


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